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            Better Together – Tech-Enabled Transaction Coordinators

            Better Together – Tech-Enabled Transaction Coordinators

            You see,?I’ve seen too many entrepreneurs follow this idea like it’s some kind of commandment:

            “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.”

            Can you relate?

            Imagine if you could delegate, automate, or eliminate many of the tasks you’re not good at or dislike? What would happen to your business?

            We’ve created a white paper worksheet to help our associates easily calculate the value of their time. If you would like a copy, email me at [email protected]. You see, many of our associates have an hourly time value of $100.00 or more. So, here’s my question, “is what you are working on right now worth $25.00 an hour, $50.00 or $150.00 an hour.”

            When you work on activities and tasks that are at or above your hourly rate, breakthroughs begin. The rest?

            Automate, delegate, or eliminate.

            We’ve partnered with the nation’s first countrywide transaction coordination service – transactly. Why? It’s proven to save over 15 hours per file for our real state professionals. That’s time that can be spent in negotiations, customer service, and business development.

            When you delegate your real estate transaction file management, you’ll not only have a dedicated transaction coordinator but an entire tech-enabled company supporting you.? Checking contracts for accuracy and completeness, arranging inspections, appointments, and signatures are just a few of the things you can delegate with confidence. The result?

            Better utilization of your time and better service to your clients and closing partners.

            So what do you get?

            Experience & Peace Of Mind

            You get a team with years of experience in managing and closing real estate transactions.


            Your transaction coordinator, and a full support team, is available to help you seven days a week.


            Track progress and know where things are at all times, through our secure transaction platform.


            Responsiveness and proactive updates during your transactions, all the way to closing.

            Consider letting go of some of the things so you can spend more time in your genius zone.?CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke, Business Consultants and Authors of?The Beauty of Conflict, recommend taking an honest look at how you are spending your time through a four-zone model.

            What Are The 4 Zones?

            • Zone Of Incompetence?– you don’t do these things well. Better to eliminate, automat,e, or delegate.
            • Zone of Competence?– ?you can do these things but don’t like them much.?Better to eliminate, automate, or delegate.
            • Zone of Excellence?– you are very good at these things. They bring you success, but they don’t make your heart sing.
            • Zone of Genius?– you love doing these things, you do them well, and they give you the highest ratio of abundance and satisfaction to the amount of time invested.

            What type of workplace you in your genius zone? Do more of that! Then consider what you can delegate, automate, or eliminate this week? Like all of your transaction file coordination.

            This week is YOURS,?own it!

            Don’t Settle

            Don’t Settle

            Over my career, I’ve coached many real estate professionals and entrepreneurs who just feel uninspired or flat. There is one common theme:

            Settling for safe!

            When they were new to the business, they pushed their comfort zones, tried new and innovative things to launch a new realty business. They pushed through uncertainty to achieve a goal. Then what? Certainty creeps in, settling for safe creeps in, and suddenly you feel flat.

            We all need that balance of certainty and uncertainty.

            Yet, in my practice, I’ve seen a direct relationship between business success and uncertainty. Ironically, the more you grow, the more uncertainty surrounds you. This is because, as your business grows, everything else does too: more team members, customers, partners, competitors, and more decisions that can go right, wrong, or indifferent. Because there is no certainty about what will happen during a time of change, many leaders either try to control events or simply shut down. Both can be problematic and lead you to sub-optimal results. I’ve observed that my most thriving associates deal with change and uncertainty by focusing on daily progress – which provides comfort and clarity – that allows them to embrace and create uncertainty.

            How? Consider these four steps:

            Winning the day
            You can embrace uncertainty with healthy daily habits like taking your M.E.D.S. Meditate, exercise, diet (nutrition), and sleep.

            Give the status quo a jab, jab, hook
            The associates I’ve worked with that struggle have convinced themselves that their status quo is precisely what they deserve. And they go about and base their identities around that belief. I’ve observed that my associates live where they have attached their identity. The good news? We have the power to choose the meaning we attach to anything. Make a compelling choice and give the status quo a jab, jab, hook

            Connecting to a compelling vision and reason
            We all solve problems for a profit. What does your ideal day, week, and month look like? It’s proven, you will face hurdles when embracing uncertainty, and it is the reason “why” that will push you through to the other side. What matters most is that your reasons resonate with you deeply, not just superficially.

            Burn the boats
            In 1519, Captain Hernán Cortés landed in Veracruz to begin his conquest. Upon arriving, he gave an order to his troops to burn the ships in which they arrived. In essence, he gave them no other option but to succeed at the goal of conquering. Burn the boat is a concept in which you leave no other option for yourself in context to something that you would like to achieve.

            So, there you have it embracing uncertainty. Win the day; give the status quo a jab, jab, hook; connect to a compelling reason and burn the boats!

            Taking it to the next level.

            1. What’s ONE thing you can add to your daily routine to win the day?
            2. Set an intention for how you’ll handle a situation that might trip you up this week.

            I’d love to hear from you, win the day!

            Can You Have It All?

            Can You Have It All?

            In one of our major markets, recently our company learned it was performing nearly four times better than the market average. That’s a big win amid a global pandemic.

            That got me to thinking how did our real estate sales associates do it? What is in our culture that makes this type of result possible? Well, five things came to mind:

            • Done is better than perfect
            • Redirecting after accepting mistakes
            • Focus
            • Fun
            • Growth mindset

            Done is better than perfect

            Psychologists Thomas Curran and Andrew Hill studied more than 40,0000 people from 1989 to 2016 and found that perfectionism has increased by 33% since 1989. We seem to be internalizing a myth that life should be perfect, when, in fact, that is an impossible outcome.

            The research shows those who become preoccupied with perfection set themselves up against challenges.

            The key to moving ahead is to follow through, and our associates performed exceptionally well during this crisis.

            Redirecting after accepting mistakes

            So, you made a mistake, now what?

            • Recognize that sinking feeling
            • Assess: what happened and why
            • Make it right
            • Adjust the system or process
            • Be kind to yourself.

            “If you don’t make mistakes,?you’re not working on?hard enough problems.?And that’s a big mistake.”?~ F. Wikzek

            Curiosity is the art of questioning everything without judgment or assumptions. With this approach comes continuous improvement and learning. As I look at our associates, they have a mindset of constant improvement. They participate in an ecosystem that encourages life-long learning, sharing, and best practices.


            The human brain is programmed to narrow its concentration in the face of a threat. We are designed for self-protection.

            The trap is that your field of vision becomes restricted. Leaders need to intentionally pull back, opening our mental aperture to take in the mid-ground and background.

            As a veteran, it’s what we call – situational awareness — taking a broader view of both challenges and opportunities.

            During this crisis, we’ve provided our associates with clear communication on:

            • What was
            • What is
            • And what will be

            There was a past of relative stability and predictability. There now is disruption and uncertainty. There will be a different future state. As this future unfolds, our associates are preparing to be resilient. To be gritty. That’s a competitive advantage.


            According to a 2015 study, laughing makes us more open to new people and helps us build relationships. And real estate sales are a relationship business.

            We booked a virtual comedy night in the quarantine, and a virtual American Idol knock off event. Laughter can improve our health and make us better learners. And what’s more: laughter is contagious.

            Growth mindset

            The truth is we all have our fixed-mindset triggers. When we face challenges, receive criticism, or compare ourselves with others, we can easily fall into insecurity and defensiveness, a response that inhibits growth.

            To spend more time in a growth zone, our team and associates have worked hard in small groups to identify the triggers that do not serve us. It’s hard work, but during the quarantine, our associates gained a lot by deepening their understanding of growth-mindset concepts and putting them into practice.

            It seems our most effective associates during this crisis followed a pattern:

            • They controlled the controllable
            • They prepared, planned and trained
            • They had situational awareness
            • They kept the human factor in mind
            • They guarded their mind & heart

            At the end of the day, they ensured their choices reflected their hopes and not their fears. You can do the same. Join us.


            We All Could Use A Little More Certainty

            We All Could Use A Little More Certainty

            The paradox is this: we need both uncertainty and certainty in our business and our lives. I’m sure you would agree – without a doubt – we are in uncertain times.

            It seems at this moment in time; we have more uncertainty than certainty.

            So how can we create a little more certainty?

            Get Clear On What You Really Want?

            • Create a picture of what it is that you truly want
            • Does this excite you?
            • Does it move you emotionally?
            • Envision it, see how it makes you feel
            • These steps help you regain balance and drive

            Connect Emotionally With Your Why.

            • Getting clear on the purpose of what you want
            • You know you found it when your purpose resonates and moves you emotionally
            • When you feel stuck or lost, two questions:
              • “If I don’t do this, this is what it will cost me,” or
              • “If I do this, then this is what I can gain.”

            Make It Part Of Everyday!

            • Create your daily action checklist and follow it
            • What’s the ONE routine you must do every day to win the day?
              • Like your P.E.D.S.
                • Prayer
                • Exercise
                • Diet
                • Sleep
              • What’s are the critical activities that move the needle?
                • Marketing that creates NEW appointments
                • Building and maintaining relationships
                • Servicing existing clients and prospects
                • Anticipating and solving problems BEFORE they arise
                • Completing that project
              • Place it all in your calendar and protect your time blocks

            Have you ever worked backward from Friday? At the end of the week, you are sitting down and looking back… what would make this week great? Vision that and block your calendar accordingly. I like to say work backward from yes!

            If you show up for the day with no structure in your calendar and decide to do “urgent” tasks like returning calls and texts and checking Facebook, those activities will expand and eat up all the time you hoped to devote to more “important” activities. You will end the day unfulfilled and have more uncertainty.

            We know that work will expand to the time you give it! So assign time blocks to every task. And remember DONE is better than PERFECT every time!

            The best way I’ve found to make the “important” significant – and create more certainty in all that you do – is to prioritize them and build them into your calendar first.

            Are you tired of not getting what you want? If so, you might want to read this?article about?Mario Lemieux.

            What is your next step?

            “The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” ~ Stephen Covey

            4 quadrants

            4 Things Every Real Estate Agent Needs to Do Now

            4 Things Every Real Estate Agent Needs to Do Now

            Whether you have been in the business 70 days or 7 years, I often hear the same questions:

            • What do I do now?
            • My lead generation is inconsistent!
            • How do I get better organized?
            • What’s my purpose?

            So, here are a few suggestions to consider as you start this week:

            First, who do you want to be 90 days from now?

            It all starts with deciding what you want to achieve in the next three months. Have you created very clear, specific, measurable, and trackable goals? Are they up and visual as a constant reminder?

            My research shows there are three types of goals:

            • Outcome goals – I want to be #1
            • Performance goals – I’ll run the race in 8 minutes or less
            • Process goals – I’ll connect with 10 people a day

            Process goals win the day. Over 650 studies in goal achievement show that people who break their goals down to a daily process achieve the goal faster and more consistently.

            Action #1:?Break your goals down to daily actions

            Second, understand where the business comes from.

            The National Association of REALTORS? conducted a survey that shows nearly 70% of consumers FIND you from a friend, family, referral or past business relationship. And nearly 70% CHOOSE you based on your perceived reputation, trustworthiness and results. These facts have significant implications for your personal branding and direct response marketing activities.

            It’s shocking how many clients I have acquired through the years — just because I made a call or sent a message.

            According to Marketing Metrics, the probability of selling to a new prospect is only 5 to 20 percent, but the likelihood of selling to an existing client is 60 to 70 percent. It’s much cheaper and easier to retain a client than to go prospecting for a new one. Studies show 90% of consumers would do business again with their?REALTOR? yet only 25% do. Why? Because you suck – no systems in place – at staying in touch and building long term relationships with past clients.

            Action #2: Stay in touch at least 4X per year, build relationships and the sales & referrals will follow.

            Third, track everything in a database to stay organized

            Make it a habit to get contact information from every person you meet. Your goal is to move folks you meet from your outer circle to your inner circle. Create a system – like this.

            If you are buying a new car, get the salesperson’s card. Ask your bartender or server for their information when you go out. Every person who gives you their contact information should be placed into your database and contacted – a note; text; card; social media engagement – least 8 times in the first 8 weeks of meeting. This can be as simple as an excel spreadsheet. It should include the following

            • Full name
            • Email address
            • Mobile phone number
            • Preferred social media handles
            • Your Notes

            In your notes section, you will want to write in things like what the potential client is interested in, first and last time you corresponded with them and how you met them. Relationships matter and relationships create referrals in a personal service business like real estate sales.

            Action #3: Take one step to get better organized

            Fourth, be like Fred.

            Fred Shea was a postal carrier from my home state of Colorado. Apart from the fact that he personally welcomed every new resident, he appeared unremarkable. Yet, a book has been written about him and thousands have been taught his “system” to drive purpose in their life and their business.

            Fred had a purpose.

            Fred demonstrated you don’t need a promotion; you don’t need anything but creativity to reinvent yourself and add value to yourself and others.

            Fred the Postman was quite remarkable in attitude with a warmth and sincerity that was apparent immediately. And his dedication to serving his customers made him extraordinary.

            Daily Fred put into practice the principles that became the foundation for the best-selling book,?The Fred Factor, namely that:

            • Everyone makes a difference,
            • Success is built on relationships,
            • You must create value for others, and;
            • Reinvent yourself on a regular basis.

            Fred the Postman taught me that by bringing passion into our work and life we can all turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

            Action #4: Be like Fred!

            As we wrap up, I have no control over what you do with this information – nor do I want that control. Yet the gift of what I shared today, has helped me in so many ways, and I trust this gift will help you too. So, until we meet again may your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.

            Bonus Action #5: Accountability… who is your?accountability partner??


            5 Steps To Take Right Now

            5 Steps To Take Right Now

            These are undoubtedly UNCERTAIN times, yet our on-going Quarantine Relief Series has both provided direction and relief for J.P.A.R. agents, staff, and business partners as well as our guest audience.

            It’s so easy to wake up at these times and not know what to do… one thing to do is join us every morning at 8 AM CST!

            Stephen Covey said it over and over throughout his career,

            “If there’s one thing that’s certain in business, it’s uncertainty.”

            That quote was accurate then, and it’s so real now.

            • Is it business as usual? No, JP, Geoff, and I call it… “business forward! Be safe, be smart.”
            • Develop an all-new plan? For sure, as your new brand is being developed now.

            So, this is what we will address today: “how to grow your business from the inside out.” I recently interviewed Coach Tom Ferry for episode #112 of Success Superstars, and he shared five actions inspired agents are executing during this time of uncertainty.

            Inspired Action No. 1: Increase your P.E.D.S.

            Carl Jung told us all – and our guest speaker on the Q.R.S. session #16 Greg Bowles – reinforced how you feel on the inside is what you radiate to those on the outside! So, it would help if you took care of yourself first. And that means taking your P.E.D.S. daily:

            P-rayer – nourishes your soul in beautiful ways. There are 13 powerful ways to pray.

            E-xercise –?strengthens your heart, mind, and improves your circulation.

            D-iet – eat healthy to stay at the top of your game.

            S-leep – keeps us healthy and functioning well. It lets your body repair, restore, and reenergize.

            Inspired Agent Action No. 2: Intentional communication

            Now is not the time to retreat into a foxhole and go “radio silent.” It’s time to step up and communicate smartly and consistently. Communicate with clients; prospects; your database; investors and your community at large.

            But you must be smart about it. It’s not about reaching out like everything is normal and asking if they are considering a move. Instead, consider this:

            • Consider adding the “investment property of the week.” Many investors are in the market and can use your guidance and expertise at this time.
            • Clients under contract: Tell them, “I’m here for you. I have your back. What would you like to do?” If they want to pause, let them do so. Doing the right thing is always the right thing
            • All your recent leads: Call, text, or send a personal video to EVERY LEAD! Reach out with care and say, “I was thinking about you. I wanted to reach out and say, Are you OK? I want to let you know I’m here for you.”
            • Database: Then, send a similar message to members of your database. But not a mass email. I want you communicating personally with ten or more people in your database every day.

            Inspired Agent Action No. 3: A New “How’s the Market?” Dialogue

            You hear it regularly, but now people are going to be even more genuinely curious, “How’s the market or What’s My Home Worth Now?” ?At J.P.A.R., you can increase the number of these conversations by executing our unique B.U.Y.S.I.D.E. home value ad campaign. Here are some dialogues to consider:

            • “Here are the latest stats from M.L.S. and Altos Research. Not all, yet some of my buyers, sellers, and investors are telling me they want to hold for now, and I’m supporting that decision while I continue to communicate and keep them aware of what’s next. And some of my clients need to sell, buy or invest right now, and they’re doing that with the protocols for safety and smart marketing, virtual showings, and virtual open houses.”
            • “More importantly, how are you and your family doing? Can I help in any way?”
            • The best path for the future of your business is bringing humanity to our industry during these trying times.

            Inspired Agent Action No. 4: Sharpen Your Axe

            Now is the time for you to work “on” your business and your personal skills, consider these actions:

            • Complete your C.E. credits
            • Dig into your CRM – at J.P.A.R., we provide basic kvCore, so you have no excuses.
            • Practice your presentations – jump on a zoom each day with a fellow agent
              • At J.P.A.R. we provide the David Knox Library with over 300 role-plays from handling objections to listing presentations that work
            • Refine your marketing plan with execution dates and expected outcomes
              • AT JPAR we provide as a standard curriculum the Real Estate Playbook with 2 modules on “Marketing Mastery” and a bonus module on “Lead Generation.”
            • Develop your social media channels… we recently added a YouTube Channel
            • Master the use of Zoom for listing presentations and buyer or investor consultations
            • That stack of books you’ve been meaning to read? What are you waiting for?
            • Tech skills you’ve needed to learn? At J.P.A.R., we are offering 100 on-demand courses!

            Your income is in direct proportion to the VALUE you bring to the market.

            Remember, work expands to the time allocated. Set a deadline and a specific time to address each item in your plan. If your business is being disrupted, make sure you come out of this crisis better prepared to deliver value when things return to normal.

            Inspired Agent Action No. 5: Your Next 30-Day Marketing Plan

            Marketing in today’s environment requires a whole new approach and must include empathy for those you reach. Here are three actions you should be taking now:

            • Ten handwritten personal notes daily and schedule virtual “pop bys” weekly.
            • Two or more QUALITY new connections DAILY on LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram
            • Email your entire database every single week. Send them current information, coronavirus-related housing statistics from Keeping Current Matters, N.A.R. and T.R. offer content, help, videos, and more.
            • Mail to your geographic farms twice a month. Take the info K.C.M. is sharing and make it into postcards to educate and inform homeowners about the realities of today’s market.
            • Increase your social media activity! Be the voice of reason. Do video! Do it on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn.
            • What you do NOW will make or break your brand for 2020 and beyond.

            So much has changed, yet so much has stayed the same. Consider these additional fundamentals:

            7 Steps To A (Virtual) Appointment Setting Breakthrough

            What Does Your System Produce?

            The Recipe… The Ingredients For Your Real Estate Practice


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